05 September 2019
Announcement: Indoindians Bazaar on 11th Oct 2019 at Hotel Ritz Carlton, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta
Indoindians Saturday Workshop: Learn to Make Veg Sushi at Hotel JW Marriott InterNations & IndoIndians Bollywood Dance Party – Friday 27th Sept
Tasty Bite Indonesia is one of leading Home Kitchen brand serving Indian food, Food is rich in taste and homely made considering all hygienic process with ancient taste. Jakarta Jagannath temple is the temple where Deities of Sri Jagannath, Baladevand Subadra Devi resides. But also known for Its Krishna Prasadam which is pure and divine. Krishna Prasadam is available every Sunday after Sunday Feast at 12 pm. We are trying tobuild a New Krishna temple in Pasar baru area. So we try to collect donationst hrough selling Krishna Prasadam.
ASSIST CARD is the world's leading company in comprehensive travel assistance since 1972, and it has been a member of the STARR COMPANIES group since 2011. Travel assistance services anywhere in the world, 24/7, in their own language and without the need to disburse any money. It offers cashless solutions and is compatible for Schengen requirement. It manages the world's largest global network of providers with high quality standards, with the ability to efficiently solve from the simplest to the most complex problems, through a single contact, either by telephone, through the website or from any mobile device with the ASSIST CARD application. My Island Bali makes various rattan and wood based home accessories. Each collections is an attention stealer through its vibrant colors, playful shapes and romantic design. My Island Bali not only sale small home decor and accessories also owns a range of tropical-inspired furniture. Customer's satisfaction is number one, we make sure every piece was made with high quality craftsmanship and sources.
GummyBox ID designs and produces creative, educational toys for young children. Their hands-on kits deliver all the materials needed to experiment with art, science, games, and stories in a hands-on way. With more than 40 creative learning products both for the child and parent. Organic Pure & Natural By Kanchan Grover, has the most exclusive Manuka honey from New Zealand. Manuka honey has antibacterial, antiviral & anti - inflammatory properties that may help treat numerous ailments.
Unique Handicraft (Pudjiasih Kodijat)
The art of embroidery or hand embroidery for Kebaya (formal Indonesian ladies shirt dress), Shawls, Pillow Cases, religious items such as Mukena (Muslimah prayer dress), Sajadah (Prayer Mat) & others. Developed in orphanage in Bogor.
Ritasri Green Products By Rita Srivastava, makes a range of eco-friendly cosmetics - lip balm, deo, bug spray - and environment friendly paper bags all made from natural fibres and recycled paper. Our USP is that all our products are hand made by street children in North Jakarta.
Indoindians Bazaar 2019: List of Participating Vendors Online Vendor Registration for Indoindians Bazaar
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: Indonesia’s Love Affair with Bollywood 6 #MustVisit Temples in Indonesia
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